After pursuing a focus on Ethology throughout my Biology degree in Tours (France), I studied in an Animal Behaviour programme in Bucknell University, USA, where I first experienced observing primates. Upon the completion of my Bachelor degree, I worked as a field scientist in Costa Rica (Lomas Barbudal), recording social behaviour in wild capuchins for a year. Following this experience, I went on to complete my Master degree on Animal Behaviour in Paris XIII. The following year, I went to Nigeria (Gashaka) for six months, recording vocalisations and social interactions in wild olive baboons, in collaboration with Roehampton University. Afterwards, I pursued my PhD research at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in collaboration with the German Primate Centre and the University of Leipzig. I spent 2 years in the forest of Indonesia (Tangkoko) collecting behavioural data and genetic samples of wild crested macaques.  Throughout these experiences, I have been directly involved in a variety of conservation issues and motivated conservation actions, including environmental education and dialogs with government representatives.

Current position

Currently, I manage a team of lecturers and international project leaders for the Bristol Zoological Society: my work consists of overseeing staffs that lead Bristol Zoo’s conservation projects in Costa Rica, South Africa, and Cameroon, as well as designing long term strategies.  I also lead one of the conservation project set in the Philippines with our flagship species, the Negros bleeding-heart dove. Supported by Airbus, our team monitor threatened wildlife population and protected areas using various techniques (e.g. camera traps). In addition, we implement alternative livelihood in the nearby communities to alleviate the pressure on the ecosystem and assess the efficiency of our conservation initiatives through Key Performance Indicators.

In addition, I supervise MSc students(e.g. from UWEand University of Bristol and teach in an MSc degree (such as “Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice” in partnership with UWE).

Main research interests:

  • Assessment of conservation initiatives’ efficiency
  • The use of digital media for conservation
  • Population monitoring of threatened species
  • Assessment of alternative livelihood and community engagement
  • Long-term conservation strategy design

Conservation organisation volunteering:

IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group, SE Asia section member

PSGB Conservation Working Party reviewer

Niokolo Network trustee and secretary